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Bar Spoon

Custom Martini Bar Spoon

Our custom designed martini bar spoon

While it’s not exactly sacrilegious to shake all of your cocktails, many classic cocktails are specifically meant to be stirred.  Actually, James Bond’s preference for his Martini “shaken not stirred” goes against traditional convention. 

This is because shaking a cocktail will make that cocktail appear cloudy (and sometimes even foamy) when you pour it into a glass.  Stirring, on the other hand, preserves the cocktail’s transparency and consistency. 

A classic bar spoon (pictured below), or stirrer, is typically anywhere from 10 to 13 inches long.  It has a spoon on the end of a long thin shaft that can also be used to remove unwanted sediments, add a garnish or add a small amount of an ingredient to a cocktail.  A bar spoon can be used with either a mixing glass or shaker bottom. 

A classic bar spoon

A classic bar spoon used with a mixing glass

To stir your cocktail properly, fill up your shaker or mixing glass half-way with ice and use the bar spoon to gently stir the contents 20 times before straining.  Add a little flair to your bartending by spinning the bar spoon around in your fingers – a crowd pleaser when done smoothly.