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Cocktail Jigger

Premium cocktail jigger

Our premium bell style cocktail jigger

A vital tool for crafting cocktails, a cocktail jigger is a small utensil used to measure proper amounts of cocktail ingredients. 

When crafting a cocktail, using incorrect proportions can quite literally change the taste, aesthetic look and overall profile of the cocktail.  With that being said, the need for a jigger can’t be overstated. 

A jigger is typically double sided and provides measurement markings for 2 ounces, 1 ½ oz, 1 oz and ½ oz.  There are two main styles of cocktail jiggers: bell style jiggers (pictured above) and japanese style jiggers (pictured below).

Japanese style cocktail jigger

A classic japanese style cocktail jigger

Japanese style jiggers are typically made by welding two small cone shaped pieces of stainless steel together, while bell jiggers are a single molded piece of stainless steel.

Not much need for directions on this one.  Just measure however much is required for your recipe by using the jigger’s markings and pour it on into your shaker or mixing glass.