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Cocktail Muddler

Gunmetal black cocktail muddler

Our premium gunmetal black muddler

Mainly a secondary bar tool, a muddler is used to crush fruit, herbs or other ingredients in order to infuse their flavors and aromas into the cocktail. A muddler can be wooden, plastic or metal.  The tool typically consists of a shaft with a jagged or flat end. 

Having a muddler in your arsenal is necessary if you plan on making Old Fashioneds, Mojitos, or similar cocktails.  However, you can muddle any fruit or ingredient you’d like to add some extra flavor to whatever you’re drinking.  For example:  Tequila with a muddled lime, or Vodka with a muddled orange. 

A bartender muddling.

A muddler being used with a cocktail shaker

To muddle properly, place the ingredient you want to muddle in the bottom of your shaker or mixing glass along with the other ingredients in the cocktail.  Then, gently but firmly (you don’t need to slam it) push and twist the jagged or flat end into the ingredient repeatedly until it is crushed up and mixed in with the other contents.  Finally, shake/stir and strain.  Here is where you may want to use a fine strainer.