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Cocktail Shaker

Premium Cocktail Shaker

Our premium 2-piece parisian style cocktail shaker

A cocktail shaker is the most important bar tool in any mixologist’s arsenal.  Primarily used to build and mix cocktails, a typical shaker consists of two or three separate pieces. 

A two-piece shaker consists of a small top that fits into a larger bottom and requires a separate strainer.  Otherwise known as a boston shaker, this type of shaker is most commonly used by bars and professional bartenders due to its practicality and easiness to clean. 

A parisian style cocktail shaker (picture above) is another type of two-piece shaker which also consists of a small top that fits into a larger bottom.  However, the top of a parisian shaker is smaller than that of a boston shaker and is typically designed to hold a large amount of liquid and for aesthetic appeal. 

A three-piece shaker consists of a small top with a strainer built in, a larger bottom and a cap for the strainer top.  Often, the cap for the strainer top will also serve as a 1 oz measurer.  An all-in-one solution, this type of shaker is known as a cobbler shaker (pictured below).

3-piece cobbler style shaker

A standard 3-piece cobbler style cocktail shaker

Shakers can come in all different shapes and sizes.  A standard shaker can hold approximately 12 - 20 fluid ounces of liquid.  To shake your cocktail properly, first make sure the top is on and secured.  Then hold it with two hands, give it a few short shakes and count to five.  You don’t need to do anything crazy. 

Use your finger or hand while shaking to keep the top secure.  The last thing you want is the embarrassment of spraying a cocktail all over yourself, your kitchen and your guests.  Trust us, we’ve done it before.