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Cocktail Strainer

Premium hawthorne cocktail strainer

Our premium hawthorne cocktail strainer

A cocktail strainer is just as important as a shaker, unless you’re using a cobbler shaker with a strainer built in.  The primary use of a strainer is to keep the ice in the shaker or mixing glass while pouring a cocktail into its glass.  

There are three different types of cocktail strainers:  hawthorne strainer (pictured above), julep strainer, and fine strainer.  A hawthorne strainer has a coil that clicks into place and is primarily used with a Boston Shaker.  A julep strainer (pictured below) has no coil, is convexly shaped and is usually used with a mixing glass. 

Classic julep cocktail strainer

A classic julep strainer in action

A fine strainer (pictured below) is used in addition to a hawthorne or julep strainer with the purpose of filtering out unwanted sediments or ice crystals that the other two strainers can’t.  A fine strainer consists of metal mesh net at the end of a handle. 

While the julep strainer was once the most common strainer used by bartenders, the hawthorne strainer has since taken over the top spot because of how well it fits into a Boston Shaker bottom.  To strain your cocktail properly, secure the strainer in your shaker or mixing glass.  Then, use your finger to hold it in place while you pour your cocktail into a glass. 

When using a fine strainer in conjunction with another strainer, hold the fine strainer above the glass you’d like to pour your cocktail into.  Then, using the hawthorne or julep strainer, pour your cocktail through the fine strainer into the glass.  This is also referred to as double straining. 

Fine strainer

A fine strainer being used in conjunction with a hawthorne strainer