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Letter From The Founder

Evan Prish, the founder of The Millennium Road.

Dear Reader,

Hello, and thank you for your interest in our company.  My name is Evan, and welcome to The Millennium Road.  I’m thrilled you’re here!

Millennium Road is a company dedicated to the art and craft of mixology.  During my time as a bartender, I grew disappointed with the lack of quality bar tools available on the market.  Most of the tools out there I found to be insubstantial, and in many cases, flat out cheap.  As a former bartender, the importance of using quality tools to craft your cocktails can’t be overstated.  You wouldn’t put cheap gas in a Ferrari, would you?

So, I set out to find the most unique and highest quality bar tools I could get my hands on, which led me to start this company.  During my time with Millennium Road, my team and I have taken our knowledge and experience from the hospitality industry and put it towards not only finding great products, but also providing the best possible experience we can offer to you, our valued customer.  A lot of us have been spending more time at home lately than we’ve been used to, and in the absence of open bars, many of us have taken it upon ourselves to satisfy our cocktail cravings in the comfort of our own homes.  If you’re making cocktails on a weekly or daily basis, why use cheap tools when you can craft your drinks with both practicality and style?

Now you may be thinking “Why the heck should I trust this guy, what does he know?”  Well, throughout my career I’ve been employed in the hospitality industry in a variety of different capacities.  I’ve worked in the beverage department of Balthazar Restaurant Group in New York City.  I’ve bartended at several establishments around the New York area.  Before I stepped foot behind a bar, I became certified in mixology, a certification designated by the New York State Department of Education.  Briefly, I worked for Michter's Distillery as an events manager and represented the company’s brands at some of the biggest spirits trade shows in the world, including Bar Convent Berlin.  When it comes to cocktails, mixology and bar tools, you could say I know a thing or two.

Our bar tools are molded from the highest quality stainless steel alloy and polished for a pristine and dazzling finish.  When you buy products from us, you’re not just buying bar equipment.  Rather, you’re buying a luxury experience that will satisfy your cocktail ambitions, entertain your party guests and add elegance to your home.

However, we don't just sell bar tools.  We also curate a database made up of cocktail information, history, recipes and instructions for preparation.  We also provide a plethora of educational information pertaining to all things mixology, whether its regarding bar tools, cocktail glassware or terminology.  Our goal isn't just to sell products, but to also help teach people about cocktails and mixology.  Whether it’s a killer margarita recipe that will be the life of any party, or a one of a kind mixology set that will turn heads, we’ll have you covered. 

Stay tuned for unique products, fun content and a one of a kind experience.  So sit back, grab your favorite cocktail and relax, because you’re on The Millennium Road.


Evan P