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Hurricane Glass

Hurricane cocktail in a hurricane glass

A hurricane cocktail in a hurricane glass

Curvy, tall and downright sexy, the hurricane glass is no ordinary glassware.  Beautifully designed to display cocktails that are brightly colored, the glass is fittingly used mainly for tropical and frozen drinks. 

Its name comes from the Hurricane (a cocktail first invented at Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans and primarily served in this glass) and from its similarity in shape to a hurricane lamp. 

The shape makes the glass easy to hold, while its height and width allow room for a plethora of ingredients, as is the case for the Hurricane cocktail.  The amount of liquid this glass can hold usually falls in the 16 oz – 20 oz range. 

If you’ve ever wanted to have a cocktail with a little paper umbrella, this is the glass to do it with.  The Poco Grande glass is another type of glassware that is very similar in shape but differs with a smaller body on a longer stem.