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Learn About Mixology

Learn about mixology.


Mixology isn't just about alcohol, it's about all the components that go into crafting a cocktail.  This includes bar tools used to make a cocktail and glassware for displaying a cocktail properly.  Mixology terminology can also help you understand how a cocktail is meant to be made and served.

Click the links above to learn about mixology terminology, bar tools, cocktail glassware and what mixology is and where it came from.

From the founder:
"A mixologist’s tools of the trade, bar tools are the essential pieces of equipment used to craft cocktails."

"Crafting a cocktail doesn’t just require ingredients and bar tools, it also requires proper glassware.  Ever been served a Martini in a red plastic cup?  Of course not!"  

- Evan Prish, Founder of The Millennium Road