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Martini Glass

Classic martini glasses

Classic martini glasses

Also referred to as a cocktail glass or an up glass, the martini glass (pictured above) is the classic example of cocktail glassware.  A cone shaped bowl on top of a long thin stem, the iconic design is unmistakably recognized as a symbol of culture and class. 

Bar patrons will often order a drink in this glass by asking for it ‘straight up’.  Example:  vodka, straight up with olives.  This tells the bartender to serve the patron’s vodka in this particular type of glass.  Straight up also implies without ice. 

This glass typically holds anywhere from 4 oz – 10 oz of liquid.  Fill up the glass with ice and water to get it chilled and ready for your cocktail (or put it in your freezer for a few minutes).  Hold it by its stem while drinking to make sure it stays chilled.