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Rocks Glass

Whiskey on the rocks

Whiskey on the rocks

The rocks glass, also referred to as an old-fashioned glass, is a commonly used glass for all kinds of cocktails, mixed drinks, neat pours and on the rocks pours.  Always short and usually round, this glass typically holds anywhere from 6 oz – 12 oz of liquid. 

Ordering a drink ‘on the rocks’ tells the bartender to serve you the drink in this glass, filled with ice.  In the bar industry, ‘rocks’ is a slang term for ice.  “Lemme get vodka with a couple rocks”, or “I’ll have whiskey with a big rock”, are examples of ways to tell the bartender how much and what kind of ice you would like. 

A neat pour, on the other hand, tells the bartender that you don’t want any ice.  ‘Bourbon neat’, for example, tells the bartender that you would like a pour of bourbon in a rocks glass with no ice.